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I am Harshit Joshi; 22 year old , Software Engineer, living in San Jose, California...!! Learning something new each and every day.

I am Simple, Cheerful, Passionate, Happy person.

I love Cricket, Garba, Programming, Sleeping.


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Life around Books-Friends-Knowledge


I am lucky that I got a chance to study in school like "Vidya Vihar".It was all about games,study,exams,friends,punishments,teachers,enjoyment,celebrations,vacations and much more.Then it was time for preparion,completed SSC with 91.69% marks in 2007


After secondary , it was time for 12th.Joined Reliance School,another great school to study.Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics-Lab-Bunks-Tuitions-Cricket-Volleyball. Finally completed HSC with 86.4%,GUJCET with 93% ,in 2009


College,best phase of one's life and I got into FTE,MSU our own Techo.No words to describe life spent here.

C, C++,Electronics, Physics, JAVA, .NET, Oracle, MySQL, Graphics, Arrays

JC, DC, Dome, Bunks, Proxies, Garba, Lectures, Elections, GroupDay, DJs, Concerts, Library, Nightouts

Freshers, Friends, Days, Prerna, Footprints, Paramarsh, Koko, Movies, Sev-usal

Pointers, OS, Coding, Errors, Logic, PJs, LOAd, Projects, Submissions, ED

Completed Engineering with distinction in 2013. :)



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Email: hpj1992@gmail.com

Auction Manager

Currently it is a desktop application. Collection of the ancient items ready for auction. All the items are scheduled for bidding in particular time. All the registered users need to be present at the time of auction of the particular item. The wide range of categories with detailed information of product. Any number of bidders can bid at a time any number of times but within his bank balance limit.

Human Resource Management System

Desktop application developed in order to be used by IT companies to maintain their resource smartly. Allows admin to assign new projects to available employee, Depending upon employee's skills and skills required for a project to complete. Any new assigned project displayed in an employee's account. Admin can monitor their employees' current status easily. Customer will be notified when his projects get over.

Image Editor

It is a vector image editor with some common functionalities. It is developed in C language. We had used some well-known algorithms like BRESENHAM, DDA. Provided the functionalities of scaling and rotation also.


It is very interesting game with 5 level of defficulty leval developed in C language.Player has to move stick given in between in such a way that rotating balls are gathered in either of the side. Implemented it using algorithms like BRESENHAM,DDA .At each level speed of ball and no of balls increases in order to increase the difficulty leval.

panya.com - Online Buying-Selling-Auction

It is basically an E-Commerce website along with auction facility. We had created our own dummy PayPal module 'panyapal.com', integrated with panya.com.User can purchase-sell products either with his debit/credit card or panyapal account. Provided a wide range of categories with lots of products. User authentication and payment through secure gateway.

Coming Soon

More projects with innovative ideas and latest technologies are coming soon.